Scratch the Surface

If your mother never warned you, allow me to introduce myself/ clever & foul mouthed/ love Black Cats & Bats/ Psychology graduate but going back to college to do hair and make up/ make up & hair color junkie/ A human canvas/ creative mind, that uses logic to my advantage/MIKE PATTON/ TOOL/GARBAGE....there's lists/ I read a lot....there's lists/Horror & Abstract list yet/ intellectual stimulation is key


People should still take the time to buy and read real publications, like in a bookstore, Fuck Kindles, Fuck the other electronic readers, Read, Real page turning, paper cutting, Books and magazines, oh I love my fashion mags also…..Here’s the most awesome authors I have ever read…..

William S. Burroughs

Hunter S. Thompson

Poppy Z. Brite

Chuck Puhlahniuk

Bret Eason Ellis

Cormac McCarthy

Thomas Harris

Clive Barker

Steven King (his early work)

Anton LeVay

Pamela DesBarres

Kevin Aucion

and I have a ton of reference books on serial killers, psychology,forensics,medicine,and make up….and probably some authors I forgot