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If your mother never warned you, allow me to introduce myself/ clever & foul mouthed/ love Black Cats & Bats/ Psychology graduate but going back to college to do hair and make up/ make up & hair color junkie/ A human canvas/ creative mind, that uses logic to my advantage/MIKE PATTON/ TOOL/GARBAGE....there's lists/ I read a lot....there's lists/Horror & Abstract list yet/ intellectual stimulation is key
This is the sexiest man I have ever seen……besides Mike Patton

This is the sexiest man I have ever seen……besides Mike Patton

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Really people, you have nothing better to worry about than the fucking color of the inside of a goddamn cookie supporting Gay Pride? We as a country are facing a shit storm of different wars, poverty, bullshit politicians, crooked big business, our Soldiers dying on foreign soil, our own children starving to death, our aged losing respect, and people are boycotting OREO? SPARE ME. FACE THE FACTS GAY AND LESBIANS ARE NOT GOING AWAY, THEY HAVE BEEN HERE THE ENTIRE TIME….LOVE IS LOVE…..quit worrying about shit you can’t control and focus on things that you can at least help, feed a starving family, Adopt A Hero, stand up for your rights…..but of course anyone reading this probably agrees with me and if you do not you’ll just ignore it. Hate is a fucking disease.

Make like a tree……

and get the fuck out of my bubble, if you don’t like what I have to say don’t fucking listen, if you don’t like what I look like then don’t fucking look, Don’t agree with my stance on religion or politics, you don’t fucking have to, it’s my stance…don’t like this post then don’t re blog it, I have the right to fucking say what I want about who and what I want whenever the fuck I want too, but I have the class and tact not too….Which some of you out there better be glad of or right now you would be in a messy ball of emotion on the floor, 1 more mother fucking strike and everyone will find out just how much of a vicious sharp tongued bitch I can be and that is a promise

You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot farther with a smile and a gun.

Al Capone

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